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CryptoPythia the Best Crypto Analytics Tool

CryptoPythia is the tool designed to help traders, investors, analysts and crypto funds make better decisions in trading crypto and ICOs. We implement state-of-the-art Ai solutions to deliver in-depth insights about crypto trends.
Works with GraphGrailAi Platform

  • Use ML that actually works

    In-depth analysis of project quality and project evaluation in terms of feedback on technology, products, team, product updates, etc. Aspective tonality - understanding the cause and context of the opinion

  • GraphGrailAi Platform

    Being able to create and test your own Apps and features, for example teach neural network understand fear, greed, panic, HODL, etc.

  • Crypto exchanges solution

    With our machine learning infrastructure, we can retrain thousands of models. CryptoPythia Ai algorithms for scam posts detection ("send 1 eth to address ... and get 2 eth", etc) and similar issues

Challenge: complete toolkit for crypto investors.

1. Traders have no time for in-depth analysis of hundreds of new ICO projects and tokens that appear every day
2. Existing solutions are extremely simple (only sentiment), unable to forecast prices for informed decisions-making
3. Crypto exchanges suffer from scam posts, giveaways, bots. Market needs to clean up.

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Solution. How it works. Save 3+ hours per day

1. User selects the projects the want to monitor.
2. The system running artificial intelligence regularly provides summary on projects according to the following formula: "for the period of 1 month: HODL + 20%, 5 updates of Github, 3 partnerships, 0 charges".
3. User can order a new, better Ai solution on the GraphGrailAi Platform - label data and teach neural network easily.

Always improving

CryptoPythia by GraphGrailAi is an always-improving toolchain that gains new features every month. An Ai designer is like a set of building blocks, it allows combining multiple standard NLP modules of GraphGrail Ai platform in any order to create the solution you need without programming!

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Global scale

We help power market researchers with extremely valuable data about trending ICOs. You will never lose good projects now. No FOMO - you always know how projects evolve over time. Our system monitors and alerts you of grow, or reports if the project is expected to die.

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Choose your Plan

We offer a variety of pricing plans: choose the one you prefer depending on functionality and Ai features. Pay monthly or annually. Also, we offer partnership opportunities. Learn more about a few key considerations for each plan:

Number of projects
Data update period
Data sources
Analytics: sentiment
Analytics: scam posts detector
Analytics: dive in project quality (soon)
Analytics: bad indicators(soon)
GraphGrail Ai Platform usage(soon)
Partnership program
Regular - $10/month Designed for traders, analysts, investors and small teams
Up to 15
Every day
Top 300 Twitter influencers (more soon)
Sentiment: positive or negative opinion about the crypto project or token (incl BTC, ETH, XRP, IOTA, GAI, etc)
Receive up to 10-15% of your referral deposits (5-10+ users). If you are a GAI token holder with at least 10,000 GAI - get 30% regularly.
Start Regular
Gold - $20/month Used by medium and large crypto funds, crypto exchanges, investors
Up to 50
Every day
Top 300 Twitter influencers (more soon)
Sentiment: positive or negative opinion about the crypto project or token (incl BTC, ETH, XRP, IOTA, GAI, etc)
Scam posts detector: understand suspicious and fraud posts about "eth giveaways" made from fake accounts of popular people or crypto-exchanges
Understand when the project creates new partnerships, get valuable Github code updates
Understand when the project got charges, scam reports, bad reputation, fake team members, no code updates, technology drawbacks, bugs
Create, use and resell your own Ai features, for example teach neural network, that understands fear, greed, panic, HODL, bear or bull market, government decisions, SEC influence, etc.
Receive up to 20-30% of your referral deposits (5-10+ users). If you are a GAI token holder with at least 10,000 GAI - get 30% regularly.
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We offer 2 ways to buy CryptoPythia service:

Send ETH or BTC directly to our wallet

Our ETH wallet: 0xd0ec782c4E9d6C73F8BAc89d6040543309aDB0eC

Amount to send: Regular plan - 0.05 eth

Amount to send: Gold plan - 0.1 eth

Our BTC wallet: 1FgRx329XggTXXNLU23kwawD7J1AAH6Phn

Amount to send: Regular plan - 0.0016 btc

Amount to send: Gold plan - 0.0032 btc

This option is cheaper, as we do not pay any fees to third parties. Your account will be active immediately.


Pay with credit card - use the easy-to-use Indacoin payment service Indacoin

Indacoin is our partner and a great user-friendly service. It's an easy way to buy various cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens with your credit or debit card. Very fast and also secure!

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