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1 @giacomozucco 2019-01-02 23:22:53 @SK_Dan_Utd @jordanbpeterson Lol. Ok, "debunk" me. https://t.co/anAdv7YcCt https://twitter.com/giacomozucco/status/1080605379833270273 0.500
2 @TheBlueMatt 2019-01-02 18:03:47 @uriklarman @bloXrouteLabs I don't at all think censorship risk is ok, but bloxroute does absolutely nothing for this issue, *especially* if we're talking about a network that comes to rely on it and things like it. https://twitter.com/TheBlueMatt/status/1080525074711674880 -0.500
3 @el33th4xor 2019-01-02 07:29:13 @iaculch I did not see any analysis, just empty assertions from a known fraud, and an argument that a centralized coin will not permit misbehavior. Ok, I guess. Not wrong. Not even wrong. :-) https://twitter.com/el33th4xor/status/1080365380172947456 -0.500
4 @muneeb 2019-01-02 02:41:48 2/ I was too measured/diplomatic in 2018. Expect more unfiltered, honest views. It’s OK to say “this is not for everyone”, “this is not for you”. Please use the unfollow button if you’re offended or bored. Life is too short to please the crowds. https://twitter.com/muneeb/status/1080293048653885440 -0.500
5 @giacomozucco 2019-01-02 00:24:09 @Daneel_Olivaw_R @La__Cuen Helping others is good. Creating interest is ok. Scammy ICOs are bad. PHDs are at best irrelevant (in economics and other pseudo-sciences they are actually a red flag). Sorry for the grammar. Have a nice life. https://twitter.com/giacomozucco/status/1080258410459942913 0.500
6 @eiaine 2019-01-01 22:50:32 @JaEsf ok. "Effective max block size" refers to capacity, not what ppl are using. If ppl think fees are too high again in the future, they have multiple solutions available. if they're STILL not using it then, well that's their own fault. https://twitter.com/eiaine/status/1080234851054186496 -0.500
7 @eiaine 2019-01-01 22:15:47 @JaEsf ok, so you predict that if BTC goes above $20k again, txfee will be greater than .0036 BTC/kB? that was the txfee in Dec 2017. (btw segwit made it so max block size effectively 4MB) https://t.co/5RI7PROQ5q https://twitter.com/eiaine/status/1080226104181288960 0.500
8 @eiaine 2019-01-01 21:30:35 @sonyaellenmann @least_nathan @zooko Oh ok. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t insulting you by saying that name is terrible https://twitter.com/eiaine/status/1080214730214539264 -0.500
9 @matthew_d_green 2019-01-01 18:47:26 @zkproofs @bascule @BobMcElrath @danrobinson @benediktbuenz Ok, so (1) I thought the TinyRAM construction used routing networks rather than accumulators. But there are several papers so maybe that answers that. https://twitter.com/matthew_d_green/status/1080173673057841153 0.500
10 @peterktodd 2019-01-01 15:23:06 RT @planet4589: The wavefront from New Horizons' post-flyby "I'm OK" message is now crossing the asteroid belt and will reach Earth in abo… https://twitter.com/peterktodd/status/1080122247904481280 0.500
11 @peterktodd 2018-12-31 22:22:22 @shlomok_ @AriDavidPaul @opentimestamps Ok, but how exactly would crypto prevent that? What specific technologies do you imagine here? https://twitter.com/peterktodd/status/1079865372780699650 -0.500
12 @DanDarkPill 2018-12-31 19:51:10 @coin_artist @coindesk @neondistrictRPG OK. Glad I could offend everyone. Keep up the good work. I still hate Coindesk. https://twitter.com/DanDarkPill/status/1079827321048174592 -0.500
13 @ToneVays 2018-12-31 17:59:20 Since I've kind of taken on crazy job of predicting #Bitcoin Price. All I will say is: ------------------ "I'm ok w/ people thinking pro-traders guess the $BTCUSD dollar value, but if you got the Direction wrong for the majority of 2018, you should never speak on price again!" https://t.co/pRBlqmpeoA https://twitter.com/ToneVays/status/1079799179139076101 0.500
14 @SDLerner 2018-12-31 16:17:58 @solardiz not that I'm aware of. 1 byte seems also ok, depending on the number of intermediate digests. I will check yespower https://twitter.com/SDLerner/status/1079773670564917249 -0.500
15 @peterktodd 2018-12-31 04:03:53 @fche @matthew_d_green @perleypaapcrabb @uacomment @SIGKILL Indeed. People are perfectly free to point out that a billionaire happens to be funding things they disagree with. Same as it's perfectly ok to point out when the China or Russian government is. We've got the good sense to distinguish between governments and race... https://twitter.com/peterktodd/status/1079588932176805888 0.500
16 @matthew_d_green 2018-12-31 03:43:17 @SIGKILL @fche @peterktodd @perleypaapcrabb @uacomment Ok maybe that’s unfair. Perhaps he has some kind of disorder where he just includes random irrelevant links about George Soros even though they have nothing to do with the actual points he’s making. I’m sympathetic. https://twitter.com/matthew_d_green/status/1079583747115286540 -0.500
17 @ryaneshea 2018-12-30 22:48:18 @patrick_oshag Ok yes hard to know. I only mention it because Microsoft's search business could actually be larger than Apple's based on this metric. The market value of Bing to Microsoft (and the theoretical market value to another company) is beyond its revenue. https://twitter.com/ryaneshea/status/1079509511973584897 -0.500
18 @DanDarkPill 2018-12-30 15:23:54 @duckblo @cryptokatia @theinstagibbs @peterktodd @orionwl @LukeDashjr @rogerkver OK now do Lu Guang. https://twitter.com/DanDarkPill/status/1079397672434450432 0.500
19 @DanDarkPill 2018-12-30 15:17:01 @duckblo @cryptokatia @theinstagibbs @peterktodd @orionwl @LukeDashjr @rogerkver OK now do Lu Guang. https://twitter.com/DanDarkPill/status/1079395943122980864 0.500
20 @peterktodd 2018-12-30 14:00:31 @Ciappi79 True, technically we wouldn't have been using standard compliant RS232, but just bit-banging it is easy and good enough; most hardware is ok with 0-5V RS232. (I may be misremembering something here; it's been years since I was doing this work) https://twitter.com/peterktodd/status/1079376690973835265 -0.500
21 @peterktodd 2018-12-29 20:55:46 @killerstorm ...and it's not safe to assume that setting up the machinery for oppression now will be ok in the future, just because now things look ok. So much can change in so little time; just look at Trump... https://twitter.com/peterktodd/status/1079118805295456256 -0.500
22 @DanDarkPill 2018-12-29 19:18:14 @Bill_Cherman Apparently, dogmatic carnivory is OK, but disparaging homeopathy is anti-bitcoin because science is scam sponsored by the govt and the Guardian. https://twitter.com/DanDarkPill/status/1079094257561059328 -0.500
23 @MarcHochstein 2018-12-29 16:54:04 @kubakostecki Ok, I’ll be That Guy: If the coders are competent, what does it matter what their views are on gay marriage? A well-designed bridge is sturdy, even if the engineer had old-fashioned ideas about morality. Driving over the bridge isn’t a hate crime. https://twitter.com/MarcHochstein/status/1079057976411983872 0.500
24 @fluffypony 2018-12-29 11:38:25 @TEXASGIANT1 @TuurDemeester Ok. https://twitter.com/fluffypony/status/1078978543814610944 0.500
25 @TheBlueMatt 2018-12-29 03:27:20 @starkness @cruzandorio @Carsten71071425 @zaoyang Not to mention, as @starkness points out, non-optional solutions are also perfectly ok, either by pruning nodes from the graph, or delaying updates processing. https://twitter.com/TheBlueMatt/status/1078854958445924352 -0.500