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1 @roasbeef 2019-01-02 18:39:11 @pierre_rochard @renepickhardt @francispouliot_ you want the ability to force channels you open to be batched into a single transaction? most of the work would be in lnd itself, then you'd add some sort of "optimistic batch" flag to the gRPC API https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/1080533983975288833 0.500
2 @starkness 2019-01-02 02:11:58 @LN_Master_Hub @necrofellatio @cryptoramdom @lightning lnd is in go c-lightning is obviously in c :P eclair is in scala If you want to start writing apps, check out the lnd gRPC interface—it's a lot easier to get spun up with app dev. https://t.co/R5YFechACM and https://t.co/JA6dz0TeZV https://twitter.com/starkness/status/1080285542988812288 0.500
3 @starkness 2019-01-01 21:02:54 @coin_artist @_ty13r @fluffypony @decredproject @roasbeef Awesome, have you talked to @alexbosworth? Feel free to join our lnd slack as well as we're all there (https://t.co/R5YFechACM). https://twitter.com/starkness/status/1080207763509256193 0.500
4 @starkness 2019-01-01 20:41:09 @_ty13r @fluffypony @decredproject LND is not a fork of btcd, but it runs on top of it (we have both btcd and bitcoind support). @roasbeef also integrated segwit into btcd. https://twitter.com/starkness/status/1080202290835931136 -0.500
5 @starkness 2019-01-01 19:55:08 @abrkn @lightning Nice, saw you hanging around lnd slack! ⚡️ https://twitter.com/starkness/status/1080190710178107398 0.500
6 @starkness 2019-01-01 19:05:39 @Stadicus3000 @X_J @lopp @acinq_co @pierre_rochard Current mobile options are waiting on watchtowers, Neutrino for lnd, etc. 2019 will be the year of the Lightning mobile wallet. 😎 https://twitter.com/starkness/status/1080178254420631553 -0.500
7 @lopp 2019-01-01 13:12:02 @_ty13r @fluffypony @decredproject LND is not a fork of BTCD - it uses libraries from btcsuite. You're using terminology incorrectly. Anyway, if there are any commits in the LND repo that I should have excluded from the metric because they were merged from a different project, I invite you to point them out. https://twitter.com/lopp/status/1080089264761774080 -0.500
8 @fluffypony 2019-01-01 06:24:04 @_ty13r @decredproject LND is forked from Decred? https://twitter.com/fluffypony/status/1079986595254730752 -0.500
9 @fluffypony 2018-12-31 17:28:22 RT @lopp: 2018 commits & contributors, excluding merges from upstream forks: Bitcoin Core: 3274 | 194 LND: 3050 | 139 geth: 1209 | 219 Grin… https://twitter.com/fluffypony/status/1079791387472736256 -0.500
10 @starkness 2018-12-31 17:16:20 @cryptoramdom @alnaykin @Btctools @lightning For lnd, https://t.co/R5YFechACM and https://t.co/JA6dz0TeZV https://twitter.com/starkness/status/1079788355804717057 0.500
11 @lopp 2018-12-31 17:09:32 2018 commits & contributors, excluding merges from upstream forks: Bitcoin Core: 3274 | 194 LND: 3050 | 139 geth: 1209 | 219 Grin: 1171 | 70 Zcash: 1026 | 53 Monero: 2084 | 111 Bitcoin ABC: 786 | 41 Dash: 766 | 18 Ripple: 304 | 25 Stellar: 626 | 29 Litecoin: 54 | 7 https://twitter.com/lopp/status/1079786643970768898 -0.500
12 @starkness 2018-12-30 18:20:04 @gauravdahake @alexbosworth @pierre_rochard @bitbns Would suggest joining the lnd slack and chatting with folks there. Invite is on https://t.co/R5YFechACM. https://twitter.com/starkness/status/1079442006269665281 0.500
13 @starkness 2018-12-29 22:30:11 @gakonst It's a configurable parameter that's set by each party and agreed to by the other. The current default in lnd scales with the amount. Other implementations have a 1 day default. https://twitter.com/starkness/status/1079142566090674176 0.500
14 @ryaneshea 2018-12-27 16:29:56 @ChrisBlec Easiest for non developers to buy a @CasaHODL node For developers, I recommend they experience installing lnd https://twitter.com/ryaneshea/status/1078327128167456768 0.500
15 @giacomozucco 2018-12-26 16:44:28 RT @bitcoinshirtco: Bored of holidays? 1. Deploy BTCPay from a simple web interface 2. Connect it to Joule (LND) or Spark Wallet (c-lightni… https://twitter.com/giacomozucco/status/1077968398708080641 -0.500
16 @lopp 2018-12-21 01:17:19 @ubolator @pierre_rochard One question I would be interested in knowing is what happens if you subscribe lnd to a load balanced zmq with multiple nodes behind it. Hopefully it would handle duplicate messages gracefully. https://twitter.com/lopp/status/1075923134618972161 0.500
17 @roasbeef 2018-12-12 17:44:26 RT @NicolasDorier: Why Bitcoin rox? I am paying on @YallsOrg done by @alexbosworth , with Joule made by @wbobeirne from the LND made by @li… https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/1072910058135027712 -0.500
18 @giacomozucco 2018-12-07 15:38:31 RT @BtcpayServer: How to use Joule Lightning with your LND instance. https://t.co/a0m76XVaUu https://twitter.com/giacomozucco/status/1071066431872217089 0.500
19 @roasbeef 2018-11-29 03:05:40 @NicolasDorier @kinoshitajona what do you mean? as in they don't have the lnd wallet seed? it's not shown on initialization? https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/1067977868720762880 -0.500
20 @roasbeef 2018-11-29 02:09:34 @kinoshitajona @NicolasDorier if not, the alternative is for them to migrate lnd nodes: so make new on latest version, close out chans and sweep funds to the new node, not ideal, but then again running with an unsupported mode isn't either https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/1067963748705431553 -0.500
21 @roasbeef 2018-11-29 01:45:10 @NicolasDorier ok just to clarify now: the rescan is the _internal_ lnd wallet, and doesn't affect the bitcoind wallet at all (if y'all use that) https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/1067957607879467008 0.500
22 @roasbeef 2018-11-29 01:43:29 @kinoshitajona @NicolasDorier ok yeah that clarifies things a bit, well the users _will_ have funds in the lnd wallet if they ever opened a channel or had a channel opened to them https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/1067957185789911040 0.500
23 @giacomozucco 2018-11-28 23:09:04 RT @roasbeef: hey, heyy, heyyy 🎶 just in time for the holidays... ❄️ lnd v0.5.1-beta has just been released! ⚡️https://t.co/UrtyOCkdee!… https://twitter.com/giacomozucco/status/1067918324749737984 0.500
24 @TraceMayer 2018-11-28 22:10:01 RT @roasbeef: hey, heyy, heyyy 🎶 just in time for the holidays... ❄️ lnd v0.5.1-beta has just been released! ⚡️https://t.co/UrtyOCkdee!… https://twitter.com/TraceMayer/status/1067903464620126209 0.500
25 @roasbeef 2018-11-28 21:45:21 when updating your lnd node it'll perform a wallet recan from birthday, this is due to a bug discovered w.r.t properly watching for change addrs the bug has been fixed with test coverage hardened in the area, we force a rescan to ensure all funds are accounted for and safu! https://twitter.com/roasbeef/status/1067897256060153856 0.500